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Keith is a great speaker. His words and stories cut through the fog and mystery of estate planning like a knife through butter, leaving you with clear and simple actions.

—J. Geary & D. Kushnir

The visuals were spectacular! A great presentation.

—B. Malcolm

Very clear, well presented and inspirational; didn’t “talk down” to us, and not too complicated, minimum of “jargon!”

—P. Cleverley

Keith opened my eyes to a new way of estate planning.

—N. Thomson

As a Certified General Accountant and a licensed mutual fund/life insurance representative, even I learned much new information!

—E. Hallot

A man who speaks of purpose gets my full approval, attention and appreciation.

—A. Poulos

Initially, I was skeptical that the presentation would be all about donating money to the charity or that I wouldn’t learn anything I hadn’t heard from the many other events I have attended. I was delighted on both accounts. It was all about how I and my family can benefit. I learned multiple ways to help myself that I hadn’t heard before presented in a simple and straightforward manner. It was truly an enjoyable and educational experience!

—C. Wight, Toronto

Very enlightening. A simple, straightforward walk through quite a complicated process. Advice not to be ignored.

—E. & D. Preston

Eye opening. Avenue to help family and charity.

—B. Zilberberg

I like the way the presentation covered other aspects of a person’s life as well as their financial wealth.

—S. Dobson

New ways to think about giving and estate planning.

—M. Millard

An excellent overview on how to leave your heirs and a worthwhile cause more money than you had planned.

—W. Cootz

Not too short or too long! Whets the appetite to do the right thing today!

—M. Newel

Well done. The content was well presented and demonstrated at an appropriate level of detail.

—B. Gaw

Keith is an excellent speaker. This presentation was very clear, engaging and interesting.

—M. Kubisz

Click Here if you are looking for a speaker to move your audience from success to significance, please give Keith a call at (416) 681-7152 

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