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What if I was to ask you: “How would you feel if your great grandchildren knew nothing of your life, not even your first name?”


If you are like me, I am sure it would make you feel very uncomfortable. However, it is not too late to do something about it. By creating your legacy you will continue to make a positive impact long after you’re gone and, communicate to future generations the values which were most meaningful to you.


My book can help get you started. What Was Your Great Grandmother’s Name provides 50 simple, easy and encouraging reminders of why and how we give, many of which are based on my own personal experiences. Read it all the way through. Read it once a week. Or read one thought at a time when you have a spare five minutes. Then, give the book away. Not only will you have been transformed … but so will the person who receives it!


Available for purchase online through Amazon. Click here to purchase.

Click here to download your complimentary book.


For volume discounts please contact
(416) 681-7152, toll free:
1 (877) 742-3600 or email


All proceeds from this book's sale will be donated to philanthropic organizations.


Praise for 
What Was
Your Great Grandmother’s Name?

“Keith invites us to consider the possibility of our own lives and the transformational impact we can have on our world.  In a sensible and very readable way, Keith will challenge you to reflect on your values, hopes and dreams while offering ever-so-practical and thoughtful reminders of how we can all be philanthropic and have a real and lasting impact.”

—Malcolm Berry, former Director, Gift & Estate Planning, SickKids Foundation


“The Nature Conservancy of Canada has been working with Keith since 2010. With his guidance, and utilizing the strategies outlined in his book, our donors have successfully multiplied their philanthropic intent and future impact.”

—John Lounds, former President & CEO, Nature Conservancy of Canada


“Canada has one of the most generous tax systems in the world when it comes to support for charitable giving. That’s something many Canadians are unaware of, and it translates to larger contributions (read: greater impact!) to the causes that are meaningful to us. Secondary, but just as important, it can mean big savings on your tax bill. Keith’s book is a straightforward, thoughtful ‘how to’ manual that will help you do both: realize the transformative power of philanthropy, balanced with personal, family and tax considerations. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read filled with nuggets of insight and wisdom that showcases both Keith’s heart and his tremendous expertise."

—Ruth MacKenzie, President & CEO The Canadian Association of Gift Planners

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